How Important is a Lifetime Engine Warranty?

Purchasing a vehicle is a big decision and a great financial investment, especially if you are purchasing a new car. When it comes to purchasing a vehicle it is important that you are receiving the best deal, the best quality car, and as much protection, warranty and extra packages as you can for a great price. You should look to an organization and a dealership that you know you can trust to help you make these decisions and guide you in the right direction. Car salesmen are often thought of as untrustworthy or dishonest, but they aren’t always this way. Many car dealerships and salesman truly care for you as a client, not just a customer, and want to ensure you have a great car buying experience and get the most out of your vehicle.

This is where a Lifetime Engine Warranty comes into play, when a dealer truly cares for their clients. A great dealership that sells trustworthy car brands will have programs and options available such as a Lifetime Engine Warranty. These warranties cover the vehicle’s engine for the lifetime of the engine! That is a bold statement that proclaims that the dealership and the manufacturer stand behind the quality of the vehicle and you can know that you are being sold a quality vehicle.

So what exactly is a Lifetime Engine Warranty? First off, the definition of a Lifetime Engine Warranty may vary from dealer to dealer, but in general it means that if the engine on your vehicle fails, and you own the vehicle, then the engine will be replaced at no cost to you. Most Lifetime Engine Warranty’s come at no extra cost to you when purchasing a new or used vehicle and the only thing you have to do to maintain the warranty is keep up with the manufacturers recommended maintenance. This means taking the vehicle into the dealership for a comprehensive checkup as often as the dealership requires or manufacturer recommends.

As I mentioned before, a Lifetime Engine Warranty is a powerful statement from both the dealer and the manufacturer that says that they stand behind the quality and longevity of the engine in the vehicle you are purchasing. Dealerships have the opportunity to offer this kind of warranty to ensure that you are a satisfied client even after you drive off the lot in your new or used vehicle. The relationship with the client does not end after the purchase for trustworthy and upstanding dealerships. The relationship continues throughout the life of the car, and when a Lifetime Engine Warranty is offered, you can be sure that the dealership will stand behind the vehicle and treat you with the respect and care you deserve.

At Guess Motors we are proud to offer a Lifetime Engine Warranty on each new or used car, truck or SUV at absolutely no cost to you! This warranty does not include diesel engines, commercial vehicles and vehicles sold as-is, but it covers the majority of our inventory and we are excited to offer it to each customer.

Guess Motors is the only dealership with this exact program. The only thing we require of our customers to retain the warranty is that you keep up with the manufacturers recommended maintenance. Our plan has nationwide coverage, so if you’re on vacation and have some trouble, all you have to do is call the warranty administrator to have the shop and the work approved, it’s as simple as that!

Are you interested in a new or used vehicle with a Lifetime Engine Warranty? Check out our Ford inventoryor Buick GMC inventory today!

Curious if the vehicle you are looking for is eligible for a Lifetime Engine Warranty? Simply contact us today and we will reach out to you!

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