What Is Straightforward Pricing?

Do you ever wonder if you are getting the best deal possible on a new or used car? You’ll often hear from car dealerships that “We have the lowest prices, guaranteed!!” or that “Nobody beats our prices!” when in reality, they are simply enticing you to come into the dealership, and then they will bargain with you or haggle with you until you buy a car for a price that’s higher than you were expecting. This is not the way car buying should be! Buying a car should be an exciting and interesting process in which a dealership is transparent with you about how much the car typically costs or should cost and what they will be charging you for the vehicle you deserve. This is where Straightforward Pricing comes in to play.

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If Straightforward Pricing is there to help you, the consumer, what exactly is it and how does it help you? Straightforward Pricing means that when you shop online for a vehicle and look on a dealership website, the prices posted on that dealership’s website are already discounted from the recommended manufacturer’s price. This is done so that each and every consumer knows what the other consumers are paying and the dealership is price-transparent. They know that they are offering phenomenal deals to each consumer that visits their website because they value each consumer and want to help them get the vehicle they deserve.

In short, Straightforward Pricing:

  • Means a dealership has transparent pricing online
  • These prices are already discounted by the individual dealership
  • You see the best offer before even entering the showroom!
  • Removing the haggling out of the car-buying process (almost everyone’s least favorite part)

If a dealership has Straightforward Pricing it is likely that they are a trustworthy, well-established car dealership that truly cares for their customers and wants what is best for each customer.

Straightforward Pricing is clearly an excellent benefit for you if you are looking to purchase a car because it helps clear the air around the price of a vehicle, helps you find the right car for the right price within your budget, and helps you get in the vehicle you deserve faster by removing the haggling from the car-buying process.

At Guess Motors, we care dearly for each customer and truly want what is best for you, that’s why we offer Straightforward Pricing! The price you see for a vehicle online is already discounted, offering you the best deal possible, helping you make the right decision on a new or used vehicle.

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This is just one of the ways we are flipping the car buying experience upside down! Are you interested in the other great benefits we offer our customers? Check out our blog about a Lifetime Engine Warranty or whether or not you can buy a car with bad credit.

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